Theory Readings

The 2014-2015 theory and political action reading group will meet in preparation for the May 2015 UNC-KCL symposium. While conversations will often center on applications for students working on Medieval and Early Modern texts, the reading group is open to all.

The reading group will meet once a month on Fridays at 3pm to discuss the following topics:

September 26th | Performance Studies | Facilitator: Michael Clark

October 24th | Gender, Sexuality Studies, and Queer Theory | Facilitators: Mary Learner and Katie Landers

November 21st | Animal Studies and Eco-criticism | Facilitator: Morgan Souza

January | Pragmatism and Postcolonial | Facilitator: Dwight Tanner

February | Trauma, Memory, and Genocide | Facilitator:

March | New Formalism, Posthumanism, and Object Theory | Facilitator: Krista Turner

April | Review, contextualization, and looking forward

May | Conference at KCL for participating members